Vacation Prep Workout

There are so many fun things to be excited for this season; a toned and trimmed bod should be one of them! Rather than spending hours in the gym trying to achieve it, I figured we would get right down to the basics with a workout you can do anywhere without any necessary equipment. These five moves target five parts of the body necessary for a Holiday vacation-ready physique!

1. V-Sit Crunch (Abs)

Bikini Basics V-Crunch with @FitwWithMeShelby.

A Begin in a V-sit position, arms straight in front of you. B Using your abdominal muscles, crunch your knees in toward your chest.

Quantity: 10 crunches

2. Handstand (Arms)

Bikini Basics Handstand with @FitwWithMeShelby

A classic we all know how to do! Give a little bend in the elbows to engage your Deltoids and Trapezoids (upper back and shoulders) for more of a challenge.

Quantity: hold for 30 seconds

3. Side Plank Lift (Obliques)

Bikini Basics Side Plank Lift with @FitwWithMeShelby.

A Start off by finding a side plank on your forearm. Feet should be stacked (feel free to find a wall to lean them on). B Engage your core, and lift your top leg up and down.

Quantity: 10 lifts per side

4. Single Leg Bridge (Booty)

Bikini Basics Single Leg Bridge with @FitwWithMeShelby.

A Rest one foot on a ledge (the higher the ledge the harder this will be) with the other leg extended in the air. B Engage your Glutes, and lift your hips until you find your body in a straight-line knee to neck.

Quantity: 10 lifts

5. Extended Lunge (Legs)

Bikini Basics Extended Lunge with @FitwWithMeShelby.

A Begin in a traditional lunge stance, legs should be bent to 90 degrees at the knees. B Engage all of the muscles in your forward leg to step up, and bring the back leg to your chest. Repeat on the same side for the full set.

Quantity: 10 lunges per side

Complete 3 rounds of this quick circuit as frequently as you can!

Music: Ananda Photos: Chandler Kim

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