Nike Sunglasses

The most dated complementing opposites I can think of are fire and ice. It’s a classic that seems to never get old and these Nike Cruisers are just like that, a traditional Blues Brothers style frame in a cool icy fade from Matte Black to Turbo green and perfectly contrary lenses transitioning from warm to … More Nike Sunglasses


  We’ve all heard the story of the court clerk who wanted to be a fire man, the doctor who wanted to be an artist, and the artist who wanted to be a doctor. Bottom line is you have a choice! When the full beautiful life you have comes to an end the only things you … More Wednesday

Booty Lift Workout

4 MOVES IN 14-MINUTES TO PREPARE FOR THE SF HALF MARATHON 0 This year I’ve been lucky enough to get an entry into the Nike Women’s Half Marathon! The race is on October 20th and takes runners all throughout SF, passing several trademark spots. It’s only fitting to use some of those landmarks as inspiration for this … More Booty Lift Workout