Nike Women’s Half Marathon SF

On October 19th, I joined 25,000 other women to take on the streets of SF for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon San Francisco. I feel so blessed to have been able to attend this race as part of the Nike Track Club women’s running team. The day before the race, myself and the rest of the Finish Line Ladies were treated to a beautiful brunch. It’s here that new bonds formed and many mimosas and laughs were had!

14 copyMimosas in front of the #NIkeTrackClub board with @ellaesco.

5 copy The entire team lookin strong at brunch… #Flex much?!

photo 1 (1)We were treated liked true royalty!

18 copyDid you see the yellow bow in my hair in the group photo? Yeah, it came from this little gift box containing a portable charging doc. My new found travel necessity!

7 copyThanks Finish Line, obviously for everything, but for this photo caption thank you for these adorable hoodies with our handles sewn into the hoods!  Right to left: @Modern_Fit,  @ellaesco,  @asheejojo,  @FitAndyy@Kimberly_Kamish@FitWithMeShelby@aubrymarie

15 copyOh, and our weekend hashtag too! #FNLrunsSF

1 copyAfter brunch we went and took photos at the Nike Expo Tent.

7 copy 2Just in case any of us forgot what was in store the next day. Let’s do this!

16 copySan Francisco is so beautiful at dawn, the thought of those hills didn’teven matter.

9 copyLookin’ cute at mile 1! (The Day before during the Shakeout pre run)

14 copy 2

Lookin’ like a zombie at mile 13. Crossing the Finish Line was the greatest feeling I have experienced in my life. I can’t wait to do it again!

Here’s an interview I did with Marissa Lucero after the weekend was over:3 copy

  • What was your favorite part of the weekend?

Getting to meet all of the girls. We all network together and have these great motivational cyber-relationships and talk on social media, but It was awesome to get to connect in real life!

  • What was the biggest challenge of the race/running in general?

Mile 8- this was my first half ever so there was a huge learning curve all together. At mile 8 I went for an endurance jell.. My body totally rejected it! Having to come back mentally from that was a challenge, but I pushed through!

  • Where did you find motivation during the run? (I.e — certain songs, mantras, positive self talk, etc.)

At the gym I train at, One Boulder Fitness, I have two incredible mentors. Before leaving, Kerrie told me to embrace my surroundings, get out of my head, and feel my body. She said the run has to come from within. That right there is what pushed me through!

  • Next fit goal

My next fit goal is to get back to training and cut my mile time down! I have clients tell me all the time they “can’t” or “will never be able to” do something. Of course I tell them that’s not true, but for me, I proved that’s not true by finishing this race. I want to spread that and get more people back into fitness and working toward their fit goals!

All photos and Video Copy Write: Mario Fabbri

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