2014 Shape Diva Dash

Recap: Diva Dash - With @FitWithMeShelby

No matter your age, weight, ethnicity, or athletic capability, the Diva Dash 5k race reminds women everywhere just how beautiful and strong we all truly are. My second time attending, it was yet again an amazing and empowering experience. HOWEVER….

Two days prior to the Diva Dash, I pulled the tendon in my knee! To be honest, I spent the entire morning of the race moping around trying to decide whether to participate or not. I came to the conclusion that the best thing for my health would be to sit this one out.

BUT, I turned my frown the other way around, because I knew I still needed to go and support my fellow Divas! This ended up being an awesome experience because I got the chance to get to know the 2014 Diva Dash attendees. Here are four teams from the race that I had the pleasure to interview:


Jenny Harbaugh and The Girls 

Team: Go Diva or Go Home

Where are you from and is this your first Diva Dash?

Yes, we are all from Wyoming and made a trip out just for this.

What makes you the most fabulous Divas?

The Glitter. Everywhere we go we leave a trail of glitter!

Any advice for future Diva competitors?

The more bling the better — and remember to bring ring pops!


Tami Attard, Korrie Skibinski, Racheal Edmonds, Mary Bunge, Caroline Burge, Kelli Trankamp, Mila Sbrocca, Kris Harris, Sarah Koch, Linda Koch, Maria Mischke, Heidi Johnson, Staci Groce, Jackie Shestak

Boulder Valley-Girls

Tell me about the inspiration for your outfits!

We all work for Boulder Valley Schools — so we wanted to be the Boulder Valley-Girls. Haayyy!

What did you do to prep for the race?

We had our PE teacher of one of the schools create a training circuit for us all to practice.

How do you bring empowerment of women to your community?

Well, we are all teachers, and more importantly awesome role models for our girls.


Molly Johnson, Danielle Cermak, Andi Meyer

Team: Bad Ass

What would you say is your favorite part about the Diva Dash?

Just being together (and free alcohol at the end!).

What did you do to prepare for the race?

Walked a lot and did some Pilates.

What makes you a fabulous diva?

Because we’re Bad Ass! We bring home the bacon, and fry it up in a pan. While being fabulous!


Kathy Jensen, Kelsey Jensen, Julie Urlaub (@TaigaCompany), Anne Beierle, Denise Hish, Amy Capwell, Julie Brooks (@sroagent99), Amanda Holycross, Kim Dein

Team: Victorious

Is this your first Diva Dash? Where are you from?

Yes, and we are from Golden, Colorado. The best place on the planet!

Tell me about the inspiration for your outfits.

Well, it was sort of a play on words because the shirts are from Victoria’s Secret; Victoria’s for Victorious.

How do you feel you bring the empowerment of women to your community?

We come from all spectrums of life and empower each other. Our group consists of women between ages 28-59.

Believe it or not, although I couldn’t run the race, meeting all the runners was just as exciting, and I can’t wait to come back next year. Show me your exercise progress and how much fun you are having at races in your home town with #FNLfit!

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