The Air Max Thea is the newest addition to the Air Max family, and it is designed just for the ladies. The low profile construction makes it a hit on style. However, don’t let the tiny size of this shoe fool you because it is big on tech and features.

Basically, if the Nike Air Pegasus 90 and the Nike Air Max 90 were to have a baby girl, it would be the Air Max Thea.

This shoe has the combination leather upper and a mesh forefoot just like the Pegasus, but the visible air-sole unit and cut-off swoosh look of the AM90. Then, the brains behind the project reduced the bulk and made it much more feminine looking, plus gave it a lighter weight by creating a midsole and outsole with Phylon rather than rubber.

Thea 2

This model from Nike has become my personal favorite to have in the mix of my wardrobe. I have always loved the look of an Air Max, but never felt like my small frame could pull it off as more than an athletic shoe due to its bulkiness.

Not to mention, I love finally having a badass shoe made exclusively for the ladies.

The metallic silver, white, and Tribe Green colorway is undoubtedly a great color to rock all summer. I can always count on a white or grey shoe to match everything, but sometimes I just need a pop of color!

Thea 4

The Tribe Green has bluish pigments and yellow accents, so it still complements a variety of other colors in either warm or cool pallets. Normally, I would stay away from anything white, but metallic silver is strategically placed in the lining of the toe box, forefoot, and laces, making it easy to hide dirt and cleaning a breeze.

Thea 3

I have been sold on this shoe since day one. It’s an impressive performance-based and style-conscious pick that I encourage all ladies to give a try! Cop a pair for yourself here!

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