I cannot think of one trend that has stuck around within one subculture or another for nearly a century. Yeah, that’s 10 decades. That’s 100 years!

It takes a lot more than a great marketing strategy for one shoe to catch the attention of such a wide range of people. Chuck Taylors are a fashion icon and a statement for everyone from athletes to musicians to sorority girls worldwide!


The shockingly basic sneaker was first brought onto the market as a basketball shoe by Converse Rubber Corporation in 1917 as the “All Star”. And it hit hard on the courts right away. Funny ’cause, nowadays NBA Stars wouldn’t be caught dead wearing these during a game.

In the 1920’s Converse hired Charles Hollis (Chuck) Taylor as their official spokesman and sponsored athlete. Then a decade later Charles reinvented the shoe in his own way, adding in a high top for added support, throwing a logo patch on the ankle for protection, and putting his name in cursive on that logo, officially branding it as the Chuck Taylor.

It was in 1957 that Converse released the “Oxford”– a version of the original, but it went back to the low-top side of things. The Oxford released in a wide range of colorways for different crowds. It soon caught the attention of big name rockers such as the Beach Boys, Ramones, and Nirvana front-man, Kurt Cobain in the early ’90s.


It didn’t stop there. In 2003 Nike bought the brand, and a plethora of famous people in various genres of culture continued to rock these babies. Everyone from Wiz Khalifa to Emma Watson.

When I’m not in my runners, the white (in either the low or high-top) is my go-to for any outfit during any time of the year. They go well with bunchy socks and black leggings, high wasted shorts and crop tops, summer dresses, and cozy errand-wear. They are a perfect mate for any I’m trying, but totally not trying to look like I’m trying look! We ALL know that’s a look!


Bottom line: the Converse Chuck Taylor is a timeless piece that has been around and changed little over the last hundred years, and I don’t see it fading out in the future.

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