Food & Wander: Cambridge (The Beginning of Something Spectacular)

City: Cambridge, England, UK Food & Drink: Jamie’s Italian, Dosa Hut, City Center Farmers Market Hey hey, Fam! Some of you may know I set off on a worldly adventure about a month ago. If not then SUPRISE!! Crazy, I know! I literally signed my apartment lease over to a friend, packed up a suitcase, … More Food & Wander: Cambridge (The Beginning of Something Spectacular)

Puma Ignite

I used to hold puma in my head next to motor sports or the shoes my pops rocked back in his high school days. My mind has now be turned! Sure I’m a sucker for purple so these kicks already had a one-up there, then there’s the super cute low-profile design that I’ll still be … More Puma Ignite

Nike Sunglasses

The most dated complementing opposites I can think of are fire and ice. It’s a classic that seems to never get old and these Nike Cruisers are just like that, a traditional Blues Brothers style frame in a cool icy fade from Matte Black to Turbo green and perfectly contrary lenses transitioning from warm to … More Nike Sunglasses