Tea-Tox Ingredients with @FitWithMeShelby

Detoxing your body is a quick and heathy way to shed a few pounds. Clean up your diet by removing processed foods and add in this simple Tea-Tox recipe I developed! Drink it in the morning before breakfast and at lunch after you eat!


  • Green tea bags
  • Ginger tea bags
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • Fresh cucumber
  • Fresh Lemon

DIRECTIONS (for 1 cup):

1. Muddle 3 slices of cucumber and 2 mint leaves in a mug.Tea-Tox Muddle with @FitWithMeShelby

2. Add 1 green tea bag and 1 ginger tea bag, then add hot water and steep for 5 minutes.Tea-Tox Steep with @FitWithMeShelby

3. Remove solid ingredients, and finish with the squeeze of half a lemon. Tea-Tox Add Lemon with @FitWithMeShelby

4. Enjoy! 

Photography: Chandler Kim

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