Gluten Free Sweet Potato Sliders

What You’ll Need:

1 Sweet Potato- sliced into 1/2in rounds (2 rounds per meat patty, these will be your “buns”)

Ground Chicken, Turkey, or Beef- Made into small patties (about the side of the sweet potato rounds)

1 Avocado- Sliced

5 Cherry Tomatoes- halved

Cheddar Cheese- Sliced

3TBS Olive Oil


In one pan pour 2TBS of your olive oil and heat it up on medium -high heat. Place your sweet potatoes in the heated oil and brown. Meanwhile, pour the remaining oil in a separate pan and cook your meat patties thoroughly in it. At about halfway through cooking, flip your sweet potato rounds (they should be dark brown).

Once your potato’s and patties are both cooked completely, place on patty on one round, add avocado, cheese, and tomato, and top with a second sweet potato round! Yum!

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