Coco on the go-go!

Alrighty, this stuff is awesome! I’m obsessed with coconut oil. You know how some people say duct tape fixes everything? I say the same thing about the coco-oil. I took this life-changing product, Coconut Karma, with me in my purse for 1 day and used it 3 times! No jar, no mess, no problem. Check … More Coco on the go-go!

One day I got sick of taking everyones sh*t.

I want everyone to be happy, including me. I’ve spent so much time trying to receive approval from other people. I never had the chance to gain the love for myself. Now, I have the most amazing group of girlfriends that all take care of each other. I’m “rich” and “boujee” in the eminence amount of their love. … More One day I got sick of taking everyones sh*t.


For the most part, I run on caffeine, sarcasm and inappropriate thoughts. That’s probably why my head never stops spinning. I have 27 notebooks in my closet filled with random ideas and potentially pointless theories. I am a terrible speller and at times seem to have a whimsical view on punctuation. But I also have … More Enlightend


Ingredients: 1/4 cup finely chopped shallots 1 tablespoon minced garlic 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1/2 bag spinach, rinsed well Coarse salt and freshly ground pepper 2 medium ripe Hass avocados 4oz. Goats milk chèvre 2 tablespoon teaspoons fresh lime juice Directions: Heat coconut oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Sauté shallots and … More CREAMY SPINACH DIP

8 Things to Know Before Dating a Fitness Chick

Original article written for VIRTVE magazine. 1. She’s determined, which means she’s stubborn. Maintaining a fit physic is more than stepping on a treadmill every other week for 5-10 minutes. It takes consistent determination, and there’s nothing you can do to convince her to miss a leg day! 2. She’s dedicated, which means she’ll always be … More 8 Things to Know Before Dating a Fitness Chick

Puma Ignite

I used to hold puma in my head next to motor sports or the shoes my pops rocked back in his high school days. My mind has now be turned! Sure I’m a sucker for purple so these kicks already had a one-up there, then there’s the super cute low-profile design that I’ll still be … More Puma Ignite

Nike Sunglasses

The most dated complementing opposites I can think of are fire and ice. It’s a classic that seems to never get old and these Nike Cruisers are just like that, a traditional Blues Brothers style frame in a cool icy fade from Matte Black to Turbo green and perfectly contrary lenses transitioning from warm to … More Nike Sunglasses