Booty Lift Workout

4 MOVES IN 14-MINUTES TO PREPARE FOR THE SF HALF MARATHON 0 This year I’ve been lucky enough to get an entry into the Nike Women’s Half Marathon! The race is on October 20th and takes runners all throughout SF, passing several trademark spots. It’s only fitting to use some of those landmarks as inspiration for this … More Booty Lift Workout

Vegan Cashew Cheese

Raw Vegan Cheese from Cashews What you’ll need: •1 Cup whole raw cashews (soaked in 3 cups water for 24hrs) •2 tsp fresh lemon juice •1/2 tsp salt (I use Pink Himalayan) • 2 turns black pepper •2 tsp coconut oil •1/4 Cup water Directions: •Soak, drain, and rise your cashews • Place Cashews with … More Vegan Cashew Cheese