Christian Paul Watches Collab

I recently had the honor of working with Christian Paul Watches via my Instagram channel to promote their new timepieces. Here I’m modeling one of my faves from the Marble Collection. This has absolutely become my new favorite accessory! Honestly I never really wore watches at all before. Now I’m obsessed!

Christian Paul Watches- Shelby Elmore close up

The rose gold paired great with this cinnamon jumper from Look of the Day, but I think it would go really well with almost anything. I have worn it with both casual and dressed up outfits and it works perfectly for any occasion!

Christian Paul Watches with Shelby Elmore

To finish off the look I wore a classic pair of black skinnies. A timeless wardrobe piece to go with my timepiece!! (too cheesy?! lol).

Christian Paul Watches collab with Shelby Elmore

Overall I’d say this watch is an incredibly valuable addition to your accessory collection. Below I’ve linked full outfit deets so we can twin it up!! Enjoy! 🙂


❤ xx


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