Food & Wander: Cambridge (The Beginning of Something Spectacular)

City: Cambridge, England, UK
Food & Drink: Jamie’s Italian, Dosa Hut, City Center Farmers Market

Hey hey, Fam!

Some of you may know I set off on a worldly adventure about a month ago. If not then SUPRISE!! Crazy, I know! I literally signed my apartment lease over to a friend, packed up a suitcase, donated everything else I own and took off to England. Oh yeah, and there may or may not have been a handsome British Lad waiting for me on the other side of the pond 😉 (by that I totally mean there was)

I know a while back I wrote an article about staying single until you found something spectacular and never settling for anything less. Well, that is exactly what happened! I found my love in the most unusual way and it was electric.

I knew that staying in America without him would be a completely different version of settling I wasn’t about to let happen. I’ve decided to spread my wings, follow my heart, and take off to see what this beautiful new life has in store for me.

Flash forward to now and things are going pretty great. Life with the Lad is amazing and I’m finding English life…. cozy. Charming, but cozy. It’s pretty chilly here and there isn’t much nightlife unless you’re in a big city. Exercise is limited to playing a sport or going to the gym and hiking doesn’t really exist because the land is fairly flat. So, the majority of our time is spent on photo adventures admiring the gorgeous historical architecture, eating English comfort food, watching a cheeky show on the Tele, or snuggling up to read a book.

The plan is to stay put in England through the Holidays and then take off into the sun come January. We couldn’t be more excited! I’ve started this new column, “Food & Wander” so that I can bring you along with me. Here I will be posting weekly updates on our happenings wherever we may be. First up, our day trip to Cambridge.

This city was incredible and oddly it was the first time I’ve felt at home since being here. My father is a total history buff and I know he would be in awe over all of the libraries and the entire University in general.

Back home, one of my favorite things in the summer is wandering around farmers markets and fairs. I love all of the smells circulating from the food and the liveliness of watching people hunt for their “treasure” of the day. Here the locals are friendly but not overbearing, letting shoppers take their time without pressure. Then comes the best part; I let my taste buds take over and dive into some food! I can honestly say that buying nibbles from a handful of vendors so I can try a little bit of everything is one of my top 3 hobbies no matter where I am!

To finish out the day, the Lad and I stopped by Jamie’s Italian for a couple cocktails. I grew up watching Jamie’s cooking shows with my parents and was over the moon when I saw his name in a restaurant window. It’s pretty incredible how such small things can bring you joy and content like being at home even when you’re thousands of miles away.

I’m starting to learn that home is not as much of a place as it is a state of being. As for what the future holds, I’m not really sure. But for now, I know that whatever I am feeling at this moment is home to me.


Finding beauty in simplicity. Life doesn’t always have to be hectic or excessive to take your breath away.


I wish you could have smelled those waffles!


Fresh perspectives to go with fresh juices!


Cheers, to Shelbs and the Lad. Apple ginger juice for him, clementine for me.


I am officially dosa-obsessed! It’s is basically a savory fermented crepe made from rice, lentils, and corn. Then stuffed with meat and veggies. Yes, it’s gluten-free 😀 Dosa Hutt at the Cambridge market is an absolute destination spot! They offer authentic Malaysian and South Indian street food that will have you craving more for weeks to come.


I had the daily special, Keema Dosa. Which means minced lamb and egg. It was so decadent and clean, with pungent flavor from herbs and spices. The grill is cleaned between crepes using a fresh lemon wedge, which gives it a nice acidity that cuts through the richness of the lamb. I could eat this dish all day!

Did you know the University of Cambridge was founded in 1209 and has over 100 libraries on campus? Talk about knowledge being power!


Cocktails at Jamie’s! I was totally stuffed from lunch, but they do offer a nice range of gluten-free options I’m looking forward to trying sometime in the near future.

I normally go for the spirit-forward cocktails. However, this time I went for refreshing and tried a classic Amaretto Sour. At 3 O’clock in the afternoon, I’d say this was a great choice!


All in all, I absolutely loved Cambridge and the odd nostalgia it brought me. If you’re planning on going I’d highly recommend spending more than a day there. I can’t wait to go back.

Stay tuned for more adventures in new cities!

❤ xx,


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