Booty Lift Workout



This year I’ve been lucky enough to get an entry into the Nike Women’s Half Marathon! The race is on October 20th and takes runners all throughout SF, passing several trademark spots. It’s only fitting to use some of those landmarks as inspiration for this workout. To make it even better, this one is completely focused on the booty — and it’s only 4 moves that can be conquered in just 14 minutes! Don’t forget to stretch before and after.

For an easy print-out version of this workout to stash in your pocket, click here.


1. Coit Tower Squats

Coit Tower Squats - @FitWithMeShelby

A Stand tall like a tower, feet shoulder-width part, hands behind your head. B Sit down and back into a squat. Keep knees aligned over toes and feet straight ahead to maintain proper posture. CStand up, bringing one foot to the other. D Step out with the opposite foot.

Quantity: 2 sets of 10

Note: Each rep, alternate which foot is brought inward

2. Lombard Street Lunges

Lumbar Street Leggings @FitWithMeShelby

A Begin with one foot far enough in front of the other to feel like you’re taking a huge forward step. B Rotate your upper body in toward your forward leg. C Twist back to the starting position. DLunge down then up. Repeat on opposite side.

Quantity: 2 sets of 10 reps

3. Pier 39 Plank

Pier 30 Plank - @FitWithMeShelby

A Start off in a high plank, feet apart slightly. B Lift one leg, then lower it. C Lift the opposite leg, and then lower it. Continue to alternate. Each lift is one rep.

Quantity: 2 sets of 12 reps

4. Golden Gate (Elevated) Bridge

Golden Gate (Elevated) Bridge @FitWithMeShelby

A Lay down on your back and rest both feet on a surface about 2-feet high. B Lift your pelvis, while engaging your glutes, until your body forms a straight line torso to knee.

Quantity: 2 sets of 12 reps

Yep, that’s really it! Now you can get back to whatever you were up to 14 minutes ago, but don’t forget to share how the workout went with #FNLfit! Squeeze in room for this quickie every day (or at least every other day), and stay tuned for more San Fran-inspired workouts coming up!


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    1. Hey thanks!! I’m glad you find it helpful! If you even have any specific questions or are seeking advice/tips of any other sorts, please don’t hesitate to ask 😀 I’d love to help!

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