Drinking Water Becomes A Lot Easier After Reading This!!

We all know that drinking water is important, we are told just about every darn day! It’s a very odd thing how hard drinking water can be for some reason though. For some of us it even can feel like a chore. However-

Did You Know:

  • Men need an average of 3L per day of water
  • Women need an average of 2.2L per day

We are made up of 60% fluid by weight and if that percentage decreases by only 2% our bodies begin to go into dehydration. 2% is not a lot!!

People always talk about how dehydration is bad for you and can lead to all these bad thing.. blah, blah, blah.. right?!

How about this though:

The three most common and immediate side effects of Dehydration feel just like:

  1. Hunger
  2. Tiredness/Fatigue 
  3. Moodiness/Irritability 

Ever feel like any of these?

  • “gahh, I can’t stop eating and I don’t know why”
  • “Don’t mess with me today, I’m just in a bad mood”
  • “I’ve had so much caffeine today and I’m STILL tired”
  • “I can’t wake up today for some reason”
  • “It’s just one of those days”
  • “everything is pissing me off today”
  • “I’m not even on my period, WTF!”
  • “I have the weirdest craving right now”

Guess what? You’re just dehydrated! A quick fix to any of these scenarios is a tall glass of water!

No wonder experts say drinking more water leads to weight loss- you no longer:

  1. Are snacking profusely 
  2. Are too tired to work out
  3. want to go home and hide because “the world is against you today”

Along with many other scientific stuff that I’m sure you would skip over reading even if I wrote them out for you 😀

So, If the mumbo jumbo still doesn’t have you turning a new leaf towards aqua, think about how great it would be to:

  • Stop snacking when your not actually hungry
  • Be more awake and aware without a billion cups of coffee throughout the day
  • Have a better attitude towards.. well, everything! 

If 2-3L sounds crazy like it used to for me, take into consideration a tip I learned from the incredible Tyra Banks:

Buy a 1L water bottle, start as soon as you wake up and finish 1 full bottle before lunch. Refill it and make sure you don’t go to bed until you finish the second bottle. 

This will get you to 2L and will end up being way easier than it you may think now. next, you just have to work your way up to fitting in up to another 1L during your day!

Note: During workouts, you need an additional 6-12oz for ever 15min you are exercising

Okay, now go get some water!!



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